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A month of commitment and strengthening

Dear Family of Faith at St. James,

October, a month of commitment and strengthening of spirit amidst the beauty of our afghan blanketed hills and valleys, is coming to a close. We shared in a great time together at the Fall Family Fishing Picnic on October 4th with many catching fish, enjoying games as pumpkin bocce, engaging together in an appropriate devotion with tackle box in hand— “thanks Hayden”, and lots of delicious dishes for all to enjoy!! “We so appreciate your time and energy bringing this together, Sandy and Carrie!!” The month included baptism and wedding celebrations, and the preparation for Confirmation Celebration on Reformation Sunday. They all did well on their written ’tests’ the week before Confirmation Celebration. Many shared in their own words the meaning of their faith and relationship to God in Christ, relationship with others, including their faith community, friends, creation and the world around them. “Thank you” to James Saints encouraging our youth as they grow through the years, and as they have much to share with us! The reception was a joyous occasion honoring the Confirmands and their families!! “Thank you Wendy, Bev and all who helped bring this reception together!” We are still hearing the comments about the incredible cupcakes!!

We give thanks for God’s renewing Spirit active in our day and all generations! Martin Luther learned the power of God’s living word, and clearly it impacted his life and the world through him, for the sake of the Gospel. We were able to hear the scripture in the words of the Confirmands on Reformation Sunday at St. James. The promises of God are enduring and alive for our day! The commitments of faith, friendship and love in action continue to impact our lives and our world for the sake of the Gospel!

The coming Sunday, All Saints, is a time to remember all who have influenced our faith and life, expressing gratitude for those who have reflected Christ through their living. This includes remembering those who have gone before us especially within this past year at St. James. They are: Kay Swivel, Norma Corle, Gladys Grubb, Rose Henderson and Judy Hefright. A white rose in memory of each one will be present on the altar during worship. All Saints also includes those present among us who encourage the light and love of Christ to make a difference through the gift of God’s grace given to each one, - - thus, the name—”James Saints”!

Remembering Confirmands and All Saints through this time, we hold this portion of scripture, together as a family of faith . . .

“So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens together with the saints and members of the household of God.” Ephesian 2:19

Blessings of remembrance, thanksgiving and renewing love in Christ.