A light that no darkness can overcome

Dear Family of Faith at St. James,

It is at this darkest time of the year within the northern hemisphere that we gather to celebrate the true light that has come into the world. This is a light that no darkness can overcome. As difficult as it is to hear of so much senseless violence taking place across the globe; there is still reason to be filled with hope by the One who entered even the most violent of places within our worlds and brings true light and depth of love. This is life changing!

Advent, is the hopeful and wonder-filled season, marking a new year! The themes center on the presence of Christ—Christ has come, is now come and will come again!! You may notice that the lessons of this first two weeks of Advent bring to bear the promise of Christ’s coming again. Often these words of Scripture need to be unwrapped to get at the meaning of courage, strength and hope for the days in which we live.

This perspective is a gift to us. Advent helps us to be patient for the promises of God to be fulfilled, and to be busy sharing the presence of Christ already active. Take some moments to look up these verses and hold on to these promises through this early part of Advent and for the days that unfold - Jeremiah 33: 14-15, Isaiah 11: 1-16, Zechariah 3: 8-10, 6: 9-15. Let us hold Christ’s hope, peace, joy and love for one another and the world around us this Advent. We lift those who suffer, and endure hardship; for one another as we grow in faith and Christ’s love in our life together; for various arenas in our communities, our nation and our world.

We are amidst sharing the Advent/Christmas events and programs planned at St. James and within our wider community. Take a look inside this newsletter for details on the various events as The True Meaning of Christmas—Display, Breakfast with St. Nick; Christmas Caroling; leading to Christmas Eve, Thursday, December 24th:

7 pm—family oriented service with special music, communion and candle-light (All children are welcome to take part in the nativity with costumes available in the parlor. See more details in the newsletter).

11 pm—leading to the midnight hour, special music communion and candle-light.

Come Let Us Adore Him—We worship the Light of the World who has come among us!

The true peace of Advent and deep love of Christmas fill your hearts and give you strength,
Pr. Suzanne